Contract Clothing Start-Ups

How to create your own clothing brand

After a meeting to get to know each other, online or live to familiarise ourselves with your project, we can take your project forward and bring your brand to life with a step-by-step approach:

1. A full search, ranging from fabrics to accessories, for the materials that best suit your product idea.
2. Study of the fit and creation of the pattern.
3. Customisations, prints, embroideries, patches, heat bonding, various processes.
4. Production of the first prototypes.
5. Production following approval of the prototype.
6. Brand-customised packaging.
7. Logistics and shipping service.

Now your collection is ready for sale!

All these steps are essential to have Your brand come to production, but if you need further help and do not have specific experience in these matters, you can count on Us.

Corporate Identity

Design and graphic development of Your logo and registration both at Italian and international level, with brand prior art research and possible use in the classes of your choice. We can also provide you with legal support for all the documentation required for a sales contract or an agreement with a local agent or distributor.

Web Marketing

We cater for tailored campaigns and model casting in line with your brand, making use of professional photographers with lower costs and internationally renowned photographers, depending on the budget. Our partner photographers include and


We can create your website, including e-commerce, professional content and product photos. We can also develop platforms dedicated to retailers who purchase stocks or first collections.

Eco Friendly

We also provide assistance in the field of product eco-sustainability, from packaging to the material of the products themselves, research into materials and accessories.
We cover all product promotion and packaging aspects, from labelling to window dressing and shop bags.

Styling Department

In addition, we can provide a dedicated styling department for your collections, both for the creation of the products and related graphics, providing you with a whole range of ideas and additional materials for your collections.

Contact Us

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